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Disorders album cover

Disorders is a unique album: each of its songs talks about a different mental disorder and features lyrics and artwork created by people from all over the world with different mental disorders.

Disorders is framed within progressive/ambient metal, with influences from Tool, Tesseract, Metallica or Pain of Salvation. The songs present a very wide range of registers, which allows them to express the great variety of emotions necessary to talk about mental health.

The people in charge of writing the lyrics of the album tell, in first person, their experience living with anorexia (eating disorder), autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder.

The illustrations of the booklet, which accompany each song, are also made by people with mental health problems, members of FEAFES Galicia.


  1. Disorder 4: Empty
  2. Disorder 3: Holocaust
  3. Disorder 2: The Veil
  4. Disorder 1: Over-Controlling Demon
  5. Disorder 5: Everlasting Omnent Souls
  6. Disorder 7: Rewind
  7. Disorder 6: Mindful
  8. Bonus track: Disorder 2: Migas de Pan