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Disorder 3: Holocaust

The song written by Daveen Nivedha addresses the theme of schizophrenia, a mental disorder that can involve hallucinations, confused thoughts, and a disconnect from reality.

Through its lyrics, the author depicts the internal struggle of someone who feels misunderstood and tormented by disturbing voices and visions. These elements are personified as "phantoms" and "voices" that haunt them, creating a sense of being a "living holocaust" trapped within their own mind.

The individual is torn between the part of them that wants to confront and cope with these experiences and another part that is paralyzed by fear and shame. The song reflects the desperation and emotional conflict that someone grappling with schizophrenia may experience, seeking to find a way to understand and manage their altered reality.


I can tell,
My thoughts are victims.
Shameful eyes
Just see
Phantoms scavenge me.
I’m corpse
Nothing without lost
And I'm
The cage that holds
A living holocaust.

I've failed in my senses, yeah
And now fail to embrace myself.

When voices tell me I'm stolen,
When voices tell me I'm scared,
Why can't I rebuke?
Why just forsaken?
My one half truly admits
To be consumed by silence that kills me
And let me be
Where'll my distortions go?
If I won't befriend
The voices that
Claim to know.
I can tell
My thoughts are victims.

Don't tell me
I'm a broken piece;
I've been through more than a hundred degrees.
Don't tell me
To comprehend
That this overload has
Defined my end.

This a battle up and against myself
And to see right through this phase, your pride should
Mine is the shame that was confronted
By savage, fierce, fatal-figured disruptions.

These voices tell me I'm stolen,
These voices tell me I'm scared
And I can't rebuke nor forsake them...
My one half truly admits
To be consumed by silence that kills me,
Let me be