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Disorder 6: Mindful

A portrait of a woman that shows a sword with the words hope and survival written
Illustration by M. Reyes Fragueiro

Engela Borruso's lyrics vividly capture the emotional ups and downs of Bipolar disorder. The words express the struggle between feeling high and low, the need for understanding and help, and the desire to connect with others who might share similar experiences.

The lyrics also highlight how this disorder can affect not just the individual, but also those around them. Overall, the lyrics provide a heartfelt glimpse into the challenges and hopes of dealing with Bipolar disorder.


My struggle is real
You see today
Death lurked at me
You see today
I have no fight left
This fight is mine
And mine alone

Substance is for me
a serene way out
I've called for help
But Silence followed
No helping hand

There's good and there's bad
Shall I cry
Or Just die

Hell or heaven
Playing out
Inside me
What now?

Help me
Save me
Save me
From this war

There's good and there is bad
There's good in all of us
We can't deny the fact that there is hope
We can't deny the fact it's pure survival

So tell me friend
whatever secrets you still hold
and how you have survived till now?

Who can understand
our minds, our way of thinking?
Can't the world see, what we are going through?

Tell me, do you understand?
Just tell me, I'm not alone in this hell hole, I find
Please you see, this fight is not mine alone.
It affects everyone, everyone, around me.

That follow me around
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I can't escape
Sometimes can't tell,
reality, from real life
Fainted memories
Help me from my mind!