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Fear Of Missing Out Announces New Musical Project: 'Alter Sum' about Dissociative Identity Disorder

Published on 2023/10/08 in Press

Alter Sum

We have exciting news! Fear Of Missing Out is in the midst of a unique creative journey that we can't wait to share. We officially announce our next musical project, titled "Alter Sum". It will deal with Dissociative Identity Disorder by telling the case of Tabatha, a collaborator with this disorder who will write the lyrics for the album, about each of her 7 identities.

"Alter Sum": Music That Addresses Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Let's start from the beginning: "Alter Sum" means "I am the other" in Latin, and will be the title of our next work. This musical project will delve into Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which is commonly known as multiple personality. Most importantly, the lyrics to the songs will be written by Tabatha, an incredible artist who lives with this disorder. In short, "Alter Sum" will be a platform that gives voice to this unique experience and challenges the stereotypes surrounding DID.

Creation in Progress

To answer a question you probably have: Is the album ready? To be honest, no. Why are we announcing it so soon, then? We think it will be a fascinating musical journey full of detail and depth and that it will be very interesting to follow the development process step by step.

Tabatha: the person behind the letters

Tabatha is a girl with 7 different identities, who has decided to participate in our project to raise awareness about this unknown disorder and fight against the myths that surround it. The album will have a song about each of her identities.

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If you are intrigued and excited about this project, we invite you to follow us on our social networks for continuous updates on this developing musical journey. This project is done with love and dedication, and your support is invaluable. Thank you in advance for joining us on this unique journey!