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Exhibition of illustrations in Santiago de Compostela

Disorders, a collaborative exhibition about mental health

The Disorders project has a visual art part: illustrations inspired by music and made for the album's booklet. These works are exhibited in an exhibition that will tour Galicia.

The Ánxel Casal library, in Santiago de Compostela, will host this exhibition from September 2 to 16: paintings and illustrations made by people with mental health problems from different places in Galicia. Xolo, from the A Mariña association (Cervo); Mª Reyes Fragueiro, from Saúde Mental FEAFES Galicia (Vigo); and Michel and Ith, from DOA Saúde Mental (Cangas do Morrazo), are the authors of the paintings that make up this exhibition.

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01/09/2019, 22:00 - 15/09/2019, 22:00
Santiago de Compostela