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Disorder 5: Everlasting Omnent Souls

Una mujer, en primer plano, llora con un monstruo acechando detrás
Ilustración de M. Reyes Fragueiro


I'm ok
Thank you for asking
No one knows the pain
I hide within

Last night, you know
I was, laying in bed
Quietly, staring
My life playing out in front of me
What a mess

If I leave
How many tears
will roll for me,
say my name?
Please explain it to me.
How many footprints I've left?
How many secrets I've kept
or many scars

I have left
Please answer these questions of mine.

Remembering the names
In all silent prayers
Shackled lives of innocent souls
Here we are riding,
riding this wave in a death zone
Asking for patience I know
When your strength just let go
Don't be locked up or compelled to this world

Everlasting, omnent souls
(It's my life)
Everlasting omnent souls
(I claim it)
Set me free from this world
(I own it)

Break the shackles of depression
(I'll survive)

Sooner or later
We all stumble and fall
Hide in our rooms
Behind a smile
Don't give up this fight
You are not alone