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Fear Of Missing Out
Art that raises awareness about mental health

A unique artistic project, that combines music, poetry, visual arts and plastic arts made by people with mental disorders.

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A different kind of music band

Fear Of Missing Out is a musical group with a solitary and collaborative approach that transcends conventional boundaries. In addition to creating metal music, with influences from bands like Tool, Metallica, Pain of Salvation, Opeth or Tesseract, the group also promotes social change by involving artists from different collectives in the creation process.

Fear Of Missing Out is led by Carlos Morales Pereira, a musician who, after working with different bands, decided to create something innovative: a group in which the solidarity approach was the root of its musical identity.

Inspired by his desire to make a difference, the group has partnered with charities and participated in solidarity events, related to mental health in its first work, Disorders. Music becomes not only an artistic expression, but a means to raise awareness and support important causes.

With each song, Fear Of Missing Out proves that music can be a channel for change. His collaborations go beyond music and include visual artists and agents from the same collectives they support, creating an artistic mosaic that highlights diversity and promotes social awareness. This unique combination enriches the experience of his songs and concerts.

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